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Welcome to our website, we are so happy you found us! My name is Michael Quinones, and I’m the agent/owner. We are here to help you save money and get the insurance coverage you need. We often save our customers hundreds of dollars and still provide the same or better coverage as other larger sales offices. There are many Insurance Carriers, but we track down the ones with low premiums and good claim paying records.  We are here to help you with all of your insurance needs – Home Owners Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life insurance, Health Insurance and Mortgage Cancellation Insurance. Please call or email us for an insurance quote today!

Our office is located at:       I-75  &  NW 39th Ave  in  Gainesville, Fl 

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Our job is to give you peace of mind, knowing that you and your assets are covered!  We can also provide coverage’s for: Boat’s, Motorcycle’s, ATV’s and Golf Cart’s.

homeHome Owners Insurance, Condo Insurance, and Commercial Property Insurance

If you have a mortgage, your bank will require that you carry Home Owners insurance. If you own your home free and clear you still need insurance.  A loss can occur from fire, theft, vandalism, hurricanes, tornadoes and there is also liability exposure from any number of things. Even liability arising from off premises activity. For example if you hurt someone while golfing or fishing.

Liability is not the only additional coverage,legal defense expense is also a part of your coverage. There are also additional covered exposures, included in a home owners policy.  We will be glad to go over them with you, as it is important that you understand your policy coverages. We are saving our customers hundreds in premium dollars, maybe we can do the same for you.

condoRenters  Insurance.

Renters insurance is relatively inexpensive.  It covers renters personal property and also has liability coverage.  For example if a guest gets hurt while visiting,it isn’t just the liability cost, but the legal expenses can be a serious expense.. There are many people renting that are not aware that their personal property is not covered in case of fire, theft, vandalism or natural disaster.  Renters insurance provides peace of mind for a very reasonable cost.


dollar-hpMortgage Cancellation Insurance.

As a property owner MORTGAGE CANCELLATION INSURANCE is very important coverage to have. It can provide a home for your loved ones and help them maintain their standard of living should anything happen to you.   Your loved ones will have a place to live without the burden of a mortgage.  It can mean the difference of having a home or being homeless.  At least ask us about this coverage and let us explain it to you.

auto1Auto Insurance

We have cost effective rates to save you money.  We will custom design a policy for you, providing the coverage you need.  Many times we have customers that have misconceptions as to what is full coverage.  We will be happy to review the coverages with you.  Full coverage is Collision, Comprehensive, and Liability. There are other coverage’s that are optional that you need to add such as UnInsured motorist. We will explain all these coverages to you.  Uninsured or Under-Insured Motorist covers you in case the driver that hit you does not have insurance.  It covers you for bodily injury in case the other driver is not properly insured.  We will answer questions to be sure you understand your policy.   If you already understand your coverages that’s even better.

healthHealth Insurance

The reality is we all know someone that has been in the hospital in the last couple of years.  That stay in the hospital usually has a several thousand dollar price tag.  The average person does not have a hospital stay cost in their budget. We all need to have health insurance we can help you put that coverage in place and provide the peace of mind you need in case of an unexpected hospital stay.



farmLife Insurance

This is incredibly important if something happens to an income provider. Today most couples have two incomes and rely on both incomes to maintain their standard of living.  Life insurance provides the stability required for families to continue in case of an unexpected tragedy.  Imagine the unspeakable – your spouse went to work this morning but did not return.  How would that impact your life. We do an evaluation to determine how much life insurance you need so that you are not under nor over insured.  Life insurance can also provide a nest egg for the future.  The cash values that build up in a life insurance policy can be used in an emergency or left to accumulate for retirement.  We will custom design a plan for you – according to your needs.


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Now is the time to set up an appointment to REVIEW your Insurance. Not after something happens, because then it is too late. We can help identify where you are vulnerable and establish your needs to determine which insurance product is required for you and your family. Call us today and set up an appointment. We provide this service for your peace of mind.  352-332-1180

** “Insurance is something you get before you need it, because when you need it, it is to late.”

Service Provider List:  Companies we recommend because of repeated positive outcome.

  • Classic Properties Realty Services:  Serving the community in the Gainesville, Fl. for  all of your Real Estate needs.    http://www.classicproperties1.com
  • Phone # 352-331-2100

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